Summary of Updates to Pod Point’s General Terms and Conditions for Consumers in Republic of Ireland

We have summarised below some of the important changes to our terms that our customers need to be aware of. Please ensure to read the terms and conditions that are relevant to you in full to familiarise yourself with them.

If our terms and conditions are unacceptable to you, you are free to stop using the Pod Point Network and/or our app and to close your account. Otherwise, if you continue to use these services, we will assume that you are happy and accept these changes.

Read full General Terms and Conditions for Consumers

Update 13 November 2023:

1. Update to Mobile App End User Licence Agreement

Operating system requirements

We have updated the Mobile App minimum supported operating system to Android 7 and iOS 13

Update 11 September 2023:

  1. Updates to Public Charger Terms of Use

  • Charge sessions will stop automatically  when your funds are used

    When charging at a rapid charger, your charge cycle will end automatically should your funds run out. This is when your account balance reaches close to or below zero, or when using guest access or contactless when the pre-authorisation amount is used.
  • You need at least 5€ in your account to start a charge session at a rapid charger (50kW+) 

    If you are charging at a rapid charger (50kW+) you will need a balance of 5€ or more in order to start a charge session. If you do not have a sufficient balance on your account, you will need to top up.

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